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continue to classic Authentic as an outline of the hair, the skateboard brand Vans released this new Buck Authentic Decon CA at this time. The shoes with a waterproof and stain resistant material composed of suede shoe body, simple and neat vamp only with fine sewing suture as details, brown leather lining as to create comfort, and collocation of white laces, eyelets, vulcanized rubber soled and outsole is Waffle. The new Buck Authentic Decon CA has brown and dark blue two colors, priced at $70, has been purchased by DQM.

hot summer, good shape is very important, but more important is colorful shoes, and now this Asics Gel Lyte III "Tropical Green" can meet your needs, ~

Green take powder, soft sister paper love ~ now can be franchised store bought slightly, priced at $110.

In order to prepare for the Tara Vieira hundred kilometers cross-country training, carry out Yan Bridge in yishan.
"jogging is addictive, medicine really can't stop ah." This is the self mockery of the 27 year old Yun Yan Bridge on a personal micro-blog. Last year, the 100 kilometer cross-country runner won 4 Championships. Last weekend, the bridge in New Zealand Tara Vieira super marathon, this is his 2015 first hundred kilometers cross-country, eventually because of injury in 68 km race. Xiao bridge said that young people have no failure and will go to New Zealand next year. "My dream is to run all over the seven continents."

heart sound

go to the outside world and run

in the domestic off-road laps, almost no one I do not know the bridge. The wiry, dark skinned boy fell in love with the marathon in high school. After going to college, he was fascinated by more challenging endurance events. "Running can bring me happiness." Yun Yan Bridge said.

in May 2012, because of the cross country run, Yun Yan Qiao simply resigned from the work of state-owned enterprises and switched to running promotion activities. "In the game, feel at home and abroad running culture gap is too big, always want to put domestic cross-country promotion, let more people involved, but after work and found the idea before getting away, finally gave up the stability of state-owned enterprises, resolutely do their most love running work." It was an adventure for the stranger to smash the "iron rice bowl" and go to the "Jungle", but the bridge said he never regretted it. "I think it's worth it."
In the past two years, Yun Yan bridge has achieved good results in
. Last year, it won the 4 Cross Country Championships. The champion of Hongkong 100 km cross-country race is the best result for Chinese athletes in off-road running race outside the mainland. However, the runners think more about running out of the country and running around the world. "In the country, no matter what you are so cattle, and how to win the championship, if you don't even know the game, let alone know you." There's a chance to get to know you more by going abroad. " Xiao Qiao said that whenever he had the chance, he had to run outside the world. "I think, if we can get a good place in the world, at least a lot of people will know me and understand me, and know that China has such a character as me."


wanted to shock Tara Vieira champion

in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, every year at the beginning of February, there will be a hundred kilometers cross-country race, this is Tara Vera super marathon is the seventh this year, a total of 1000 players participated, 100 km, 85 km and 60 km 3 projects.
UTWT (International Super cross-country tour) second races this year, "Tara Vera 100" in from February 5th to 8th in New Zealand Luotuoluwacun war. The competition began to be concerned by the Chinese, because the Chinese cross-country runner, Yun Qiao, participated in the event last year and made the success of the runner up. Yun Qiao said after the game that it was very enjoyable and most regrettable was the tropical storm belt.

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