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came to winter, and in order to meet the cold weather, there are always some materials that are especially popular in the fashion world, and Flannel is definitely the best among them. Seen here, the brand Vans's feeder Vans California added this material to the latest two casual shoes. Vans California 2012 autumn and winter series brand shoes

this brand new autumn and winter "Flannel Pack" series, including the classic Era and Chukka shoes, the fabric on the shoe side, I also used to attract sight with leather to create part of contrast, bring good texture. The two range of shoes in this series are available in black / red and Palm / green, and are now available on the Vans online store. Vans California 2012 autumn and winter series brand shoes

did not know whether the Nike has recently launched Air Jordan 1 Joe Do The Right Thing suite inspired, Bape and 2009 summer launch Bape Sta 88 Hi & Lo tide shoe set also used the same color...... The relationship between Bape and Nike is really tangled, recently in the new Dongan saw a Nike camouflage knapsack, is simply a clone of Bape, two of which it is hard to say. there is still a whole week, and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is expected to start. There is no track and field in the Olympic Games, and Boulter can be seen in the international arena. It is a happy thing for the fans of the track and field. The assessment is a "Boulter PE" version of the PUMA IGNITE Dual" BOLT" let's hurry to the topic.
shoes shoes by the black and white gold color component, in addition to no color, when you see one eye, he was attracted by its golden head, close contact after you will find that this dual PUMA IGNITE Dual" BOLT" the toe part abandoned the high elastic breathable mesh before version, but replaced the leather, and also wrote the toe lateral "Usain Bolt" signature, it will show that the identity of

wearing experience:
before the small PUMA IGNITE Dual in other color had 10KM testing, so when on foot again, for the IGNITE Foam technology in the bottom is so familiar, in the heel and high leg stage can feel the bottom of the elastic feedback. And the difference is the vamp, the golden leather upper leather although soft, but in the excessive lifting heel feel slightly presser foot, later run test will be mentioned.

road running test:
for long distance has been at ease, this pair of "Boulter PE" for short distances can do? A warm-up, small huochu life were one hundred, two hundred and two of each group in the one hundred meter sprint sprint, obviously feel that IGNITE Foam step forward feeling, V groove of the sole cutting more for the sole sprint and acceleration. To two hundred meters with corners, felt the lack of support of the upper and sole grip, a small series that is because of their poor due to the lack of physical strength of ankle control, another reason is of vital importance to the shoe itself is located in the middle, so everything is understandable.

in the ointment:
when it comes to the end, some deficiencies or gold leather uppers, though handsome shine, but the pressure of the foot, airtight or completely unmasked in this test, and small series that repeatedly put more after the upper creases will be very heavy, so it is love, hate is it.

summary: Xiao Bian believes that if you are a big fan of Boulter, then this pair of PUMA IGNITE Dual" BOLT" you have in the bag, if you just want to experience your pleasure, so the color of the PUMA IGNITE Dual is the best choice for you.

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