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Vans California 2012 winter series shoes Vans's feeder Vans California introduced the "Brogue" casual shoes series in the fall and winter of 2012. As the name suggests, "Brogue" series, the design elements are loaded into the gentleman carved leather shoes, Era Switchback and Slip On these three kinds of shoes, the shoe body and the inner cage are made of high quality leather, vulcanized rubber with bottom, slightly carved makes the street style shoes in a more fashion. This series will be on sale at Vans California's designated agent on October. a black carbon fiber texture version of Nike Air Flightposite "Carbon Fiber"; this is only a prelude to Nike's official remake of "wind one". This time, a color similar to Nicks Nike Air Flightposite One color copy material on the network exposure, white shoe body collocation blue cloth and outsole, white Swoosh with orange outline, overall taste is very retro. For the time being, there is no information on the sale of this wind, and interested friends can pay attention to it.

5 mistakes that every runner can make

Jeanne · Hadfield is a senior running coach in the United States. Over the past 23 years, she has been instructing thousands of runners to train all the projects between 5K and super horse through one to one, running or online. In her opinion, there are 5 training mistakes that almost everyone can make, in her words, "it's like watching the movie" the groundhog Festival ".

1, run too much, and go too fast.

running is a high-intensity exercise. Before the body is ready, too much training will make people ache all over, which is likely to slow your progress and even cause injury.

slowly increases the mileage and gives the body and body some time to adapt to the requirements of the running. The general experience is 10% of the weekly increase in training. If you run 10 miles a week (about 16.1km, 3 times a week, and run more than 5km each time), that's up to 1 miles (about 1.61km) next week. As the weekly mileage accumulates, you will increase more and more.

2, too much entanglement at the speed of distribution.

, whether you start to learn to run or to improve your competitive performance, the key to achieving your goals is to listen to your physical training on the day.

with the rise of GPS, many runners begin to use speed as the only guide to running. As a result of the changes in weather, terrain and physical conditions, your pace will also change. It is impossible to have a constant speed. It is impossible to rise only without falling. Speed training is like buying a lottery, even if it's slower than expected.

is the body that knows how hard you work, not speed, and when you learn to listen to physical training, you will find the best training interval every day. Speed distribution is only the result of your performance, but it can't be a guide to your training.

3. It's too hard to train on the day of recovery.

after a day of hard training or long distance training, the most important thing is to restore the time to the body. A relaxed training can make the body recover. Relaxation or cross training is a little like the effect of sleep on health. Recovery training can allow runners to heal injury, adapt to strength, and improve fatigue. Especially for those who have over 40 of the year, it takes longer to recover because of their age.

in those days after hard training or long-distance running, relaxing or low impact cross training (bicycles, elliptical machines, swimming or hiking) will help your training. Put the watch at home and run according to the feeling. Check your effort by breathing. If you don't have a full conversation, you'll have to slow down. It is also possible to run interval training, run for a few minutes, walk lightly for 1-2 minutes, and repeat.

4, before cramming.

Rome was not built in a day. A long run is not a sudden change.

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