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: Vans recently added a whole new SK8-Hi series for this year's summer / spring range. In this series of three styles, high quality leather is selected as the main material and blue, white and black respectively. The iconic white vulcanized outsole is lined with white lace and metal perforations, and the heel position is embellished with zipper designs. At present, this series has been listed on the ~

Tech Fleece Cloak
Since the Sina
sports news launched for the first time since 2013, Nike Tech Pack Nike Tech Fleece series with the re definition of the classic Nike products: add a layer of soft and thin cotton in the cotton fabric material, so that air can be free to enter and to provide thermal comfort and air permeability.

Nike Tech Fleece 2015 women's products inspired by the movement and fashion, the use of bright colors, bold and innovative design, so that clothing is full of layering. Compared with the previous series, the new streamlined design has a more elegant effect, a beautifully laminated design, soft and comfortable cotton fabric, and a perfect neckline shape. Nike Tech Fleece uses a typical female cloak design elements include hood cocoon type, and the Nike Tech Fleece Camo T-shirt showed a seasonal forest camouflage prints.
Tech Mens Fleece Hoodie
men's products have also made some improvements, in addition to forest camouflage print patterns, in detail, the design has also improved, such as multi-functional zipper pocket. Nike Tech Fleece Varsity jacket on the basis of classic design, the use of functional fleece and ergonomic design. Nike Tech Fleece has lengthened the backswing Hoodie to improve coating effect, package cap face to provide better protection.

Nike 2015 fall Nike Tech Pack series Nike Tech Fleece products, is now available at and Nike Sportswear stores.

Walsh succeeded in increasing the weight of 50 Jin, and really turned into a good guy.
everyone knows how good the health benefits are. How good is it? The 24 year old British boy, Danny Walsh, had a voice: "fitness saved my life!"

now weighs more than 120 pounds of Walsh. When anorexia is most serious, it weighs only 77 Jin. From the photo, it looks like a skeleton. Although they have been to the hospital to receive traditional treatment, but the condition is still back and forth, there is no sign of good. It wasn't until Walsh met with fitness that he recovered his appetite and regained his healthy body. In a short span of 4 months, Walsh succeeded in gaining 50 pounds. He really turned into a stick boy.

said the cause of Walsh's anorexia, I am afraid many people are hard to believe, that is football.

ordinarily sports help to keep people healthy and play football and how people will suffer from anorexia? The reason Walsh gave is that he thought it was only thin to play football. "Since I was a little overweight, but also suffer from asthma, so they did not play football. When my asthma was cured, I was finally able to enjoy football. I played every day, and then I went to a local team. Walsh said. At that time, in order to be the best player, Walsh kept telling himself that he needed to be "stature".

"I had always thought that it was only to keep thin to show that I was good enough to play a good ball." Driven by this idea, Walsh began to eat less and less, and people became thinner and thinner and exhausted every day.

later, because it is skinny, a station to hit the opponent was 18 year old Walsh reel right and left, only to be expelled from the team, he is admitted to the hospital. "The doctor said I had anorexia." Walsh, who came home on the same day, "eliminated" a mashed potato and sausage, the most normal meal he had ever eaten in a year. With the normal diet and the treatment of the hospital, Walsh's weight is gradually recovering, and the spirit of the whole person has changed a lot. He even found a job at a publishing house. But a new blow turned Walsh back into the abyss of anorexia.

at the time, one of the most ferric colleagues with Walsh and his grandmother died one after another. "They are my loved ones, they left me lost, my weight dropped, only 76 pounds, hypertension, heart disease also appears, it is my worst time." Walsh said.

once again admitted to hospital for treatment of anorexia and depression Walsh, after discharge, forced himself to stop running for two months, in order to allow his body to store more energy. "It was not until I met the fitness that everything got better." Walsh said. After buying sports equipment at home, Walsh paid attention to his diet every day and continued to exercise. Walsh, rejuvenated, said, "now I can take 3500 calories a day, and I'm more confident about myself, and I know that.

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