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New York in Long Island at Agenda Show Long Beach, Vans's high-end extension Vans California brings a series of "Overwashed" for us, but before we bring the Slip-On, there is a Authentic version of "Overwashed" is displayed together, than the Slip-On exaggerated wash old, the effect of Authentic will be much lighter, with the blue shoe body washing effect to just perfect on the bottom of the old processing, strong retro feeling arise spontaneously. A favorite friend will be able to start off early next year.

Allen today, NBA three point ball first person, I think we have only one response, that is, Ray. Indeed, the marksman, nicknamed the elegant gentleman, has surpassed Miller last season to become the three man in the history of NBA. Maybe we are still immersed in the white green color Air Jordan 13 Retro to launch a special commemorative he received this honor limited version, but this time to see this Air Jordan 2011 "three ball" special edition will pull you back to the thrilling moment. Air Jordan11 champion version of this color and color before is very similar, instep with white background, toe to luxurious golden color, to Celtic green decoration, golden tongue with "Ray Allen" and "2561", the new generation again perfect three King style. earlier, we have brought you the Hongkong fashion brand 5cm and well-known street fashion brand N.HOOLYWOOD 2012 autumn winter joint series of reports. The style of the series to ponder the gentleman, not only with the Hi- Casual design has always 5cm, both with designer Oka Daisuke's ghosts ax cut, and the choice of materials in details. 5cm joint N.HOOLYWOOD winter and new shoes released 5cm joint N.HOOLYWOOD winter and new shoes released

this brings is very popular shoes Further Look series, the 5cm version of the classic shoes as the starting material, the use of canvas and suede spliced, and comfortable wear white sneaker collocation, overall color gray in the low-key and luxurious texture exudes.

adiprene+ is a high-tech application to footwear. Although adiprene+ and Adidas signs technology adiPRENE only a plus sign, but the adiprene+ technology under the influence of yellow rubber performance and Adidas's adiPRENE is completely different. Rubber produced by adiPRENE+ technology has excellent cushioning and elasticity. This makes the sports shoes with adiprene+ technology in absorbing impact force at the same time, it can quickly be transformed into elastic release, and rapid recovery of compression deformation and its shape, can give the user the most stable and the most timely feedback site. although with another Adidas adiPRENE science and technology company signs only a difference of a plus, but adiPRENE+ the yellow rubber performance and effect is different with her brother blue. The rubber, which is made from the mould after two times decomposition of rubber by high temperature foaming technology, has excellent cushioning and elasticity. While absorbing the impact force, it can be converted into elastic release faster, and quickly recover the compression and deform itself, which can give the user the most stable and timely feedback. Therefore, it is usually placed in sports shoes sole low position, to help users feet in the movement of the starting speed and strength can play better. In addition to being used in the middle and lower parts of sneakers, there are also many styles of Adidas sports shoes to place adiPRENE+ on the back of shoes, such as the classic T-mac4 & nbsp; >

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