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old skateboard shoes manufacturer Vans, recently brought their new work for us, the launch of the Del Barco Decon CA Vans before the continuation of the classic boat shoe design, before the success of the series is to let Vans to increase the confidence to invest more elements and design. In the season of the product, we still see this shoe low-key image of the same, but the charm unabated, presumably this is Vans to the "step" interpretation of a more classic flavor. The grey shoes are lined with suede leather to ensure comfort in wearing. I wonder if you will be satisfied with the new release this time? We will wait for the market to see the true capacity.

Localization of
ABC-MART brand was as Catalog in Hongkong, moving home, but in recent years the positive transformation, the introduction of more fashionable and hard to find shoes, at the same time with different brands to launch a joint note don't let this fashion shoes, the fame and popularity continued to improve. And recently, ABC-MART and Adidas work together to create the latest ABC-MART exclusive Superstar Mesh shoes. adidas joint series 2012 fall exclusive note shoes adidas joint series 2012 fall exclusive note shoes
shoes have the most classic and easy with black and white color and ancient style with very thick red white blue version to choose, which use the mesh shoe body greatly increases the permeability of shoes. recently, Yichang city 3 year old Guo Lele (a pseudonym) on the treadmill bruised left ring finger and middle finger, two months after the two fingers to flexion was 180 degrees, not straight, finally only through the operation of the finger bending straightening.

Lele grandma said that two months ago Lele followed their parents went to the gym, playing on the treadmill next time, will not be a finger on the treadmill, then two fingers just scrape the skin, leaving little blood, the family did not pay attention to, just use iodophor disinfection up, didn't go to the hospital for treatment, then the wound gradually healed, and left scars, thought the wound well, but two months after the left ring finger and middle finger was stretched straight, then rushed to the Yichang Central People's Hospital spinal trauma surgery lele.

Yichang Central Hospital spinal trauma surgery director Zhao Hongwei said Lele was left ring finger and middle finger is bent close to the palm, leaving the wound healing after the scar adhesion of two fingers, the fingers can not be straightened, keep the hand function, can only have surgery on the scar of releasing and then bending finger correction.

Zhao Hongwei said, in fact, Lele to regular medical treatment after injury, to get the correct treatment, the wound will not deteriorate to surgery, 3 year old child body is in a golden period of growth, if the delay for a period of time, two fingers Lele is likely to fall disability. So remind parents must pay attention to, after illness, injury, to the regular medical institutions for processing.

Visvim's boots have always talked about gold, especially in the fall and winter, and all kinds of boots have come out to meet the needs of different styles. Recently, the latest T.W.O. BOOTS-FOLK in the maintenance of the brand has always been excellent materials, leather and other materials used, I believe there is no need to speak. The key in the design of more high return tube cowboy boots Ganso's style. Cork midsole and thick rubber outsole have shown a tough temperament, Cowboy style heel is a good expression, visvim boots in the unprecedented, I believe it gives people a refreshing texture.

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