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The fiftieth year
Vans this year ushered in the birth of the brand, the recent re launched a series of complex moment, the checkerboard pattern of Vans's classic shoe design shoes to make out. Checkerboard pattern, Sidestripe side stripes and waffle outsole almost be regarded as the most important Vans brand logo, Vans Old Skool, Sk8-Hi Slip-On, three pairs of classic shoes collocation line's Black Ball surf? Hi SF hightops models show, collocation of yellow, red and black color. After washing and canvas, creating a retro feeling. Currently available, the domestic release date is unknown.
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How many excuses do you find for laziness

we've heard too many complaints in our lives -

"what do you do, I'm fat again!"

"I'm a poor physique, and I've never fallen ill with a cold."

"so busy working so busy, there is no way to stick to sports at all!"

is it bad for you to be born?
fat and not sports from birth?

is actually

these imperfections are all your excuses for laziness.

is your laziness that nourishes your fat!

every time we look at the "sack" of the beautiful clothes, we all swear by the friends around us: I really can't eat again! I want to run! I want to exercise! I want to lose weight������

whenever we look at the goddess and goddess walking with the super excellent opposite sex, we all swear in the heart of Inferiority: I really can't eat any more. I want to run! I want to exercise! I want to lose weight������

whenever schools or units organize any sports activities, we become the most obese, most hindering and unable to work people in the team. We will grind our teeth and tell ourselves: I really can't eat any more. I want to run! I want to exercise! I want to lose weight������

but why does the reality have not changed, we are still fat?

there are days when feeling the hardships of life, do not eat well I'm really sorry for myself; working overtime to 8 pm, really do not have time to run; sleep good weekend, but also playing mahjong, and friends to KTV, no time to exercise... You are really tired, so no time? No, you are lazy!

are those good, athletic people living smoothly? Don't they work hard to work hard? Do they have no friends to get together? In fact, we are all the same, need to face the pressures of life and work, but those we envy the people, always with his will take time as our "lazy" cancer patients do not want to do, so they become the group of people we admire.

is your laziness and your body!

why lean physique that looks so good, and our surface "strong" is often cold toothache? People sneeze beside us, we can get a week of flu; eat a mouthful of chili, up the fire to the gums for half a month! Are we born "weak and ill"? No It's all because of laziness!

is lazy to exercise, just want to be a quiet "beauty". This way of life can make our body become weaker and weaker and invaded by the disease. In fact, as long as you stick to it, you will experience the fun of sports, running, and sweating. Flavour.

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