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did the chef knows, in the kitchen, not only high temperature, more oil, more extremely slippery, so often greatly affect the service life of the shoes. From the beginning of 2014, Vans will continue to focus on this industry groups, such as the high school and fell in love with the New York No.7 Vans restaurant chef, founder Tyler Kord launched a joint, the joint is needs to write the letter in the Tyler Kord to Vans six years of cooperation, although this is not the shoes on sale but caused great repercussions.

2015 Vans and the end of the year, and the famous Hongkong restaurant Yardbird jointly launched a joint, is both artistic and practical. At the beginning of 2016, Vans invited the Losangeles restaurant Jon & Vinny s founder Jon Shook and Vinny Doloto to participate in the chef shoes design, launched a Old Skool, including Authentic, Slip-On and Sk8-Hi many shoes series, especially in Jon? & Vinny "s dining hall held a press conference, and vice president Vans Doug Palladini and two restaurant founder together in an interview, said the brand shoes in the market optimistic about the chef.

it is reported that, after three years of waiting, Vans will fully enter the "designed for the chef to create shoes in this market segment, Vans already has large waffle skid resistant advantages, combined with Scotchgard waterproof grease processing technology of canvas shoes, fully able to adapt to the harsh environment of the kitchen. The No.7 restaurant joint and Jon? & Vinny "s restaurant joint will officially debut in May, the Asian market will also be on sale. But the domestic sale time is unknown, Vans enthusiasts will remain concerned, tracking reports!
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3D has become the past style, 4D insole is about to explode 2016 autumn winter shoes market!

from Fujian Quanzhou Cambridge shoes will launch 4D smart foot insoles in the second half of the year. The product has a more comfortable support, comfortable and painless memory angle, air circulation inside the shoe and comfortable walking four advantages, sales by the Cambridge shoes and exclusive production, can bring incomparable comfortable experience for the wearer, private custom exclusive 4D experience. Once the news was released, it aroused a strong concern in the consumer market.

embraces innovative materials, craftsman spirit polishes extreme products
in order to give children a better product and wearing experience, Cambridge shoes and apparel R & D team will be a lot of time and effort in new product development. For the autumn and winter of 2016 upcoming products, R & D personnel has not slack, constantly carved design, improved technology, will try new materials and technology for production, do not miss any opportunity to improve the products.

Cambridge shoes
general manager Chen Shaojun
The general manager of Cambridge shoes
as responsible for production and R & D affairs, Chen Shaojun is set an example, take practical action to carry out the spirit of the craftsman. In order to find suitable raw materials, Chen Shaojun actively contact with suppliers, to understand and grasp the development trend of the new material, even if it is time to work, he often stayed in the office of the supplier who sent the samples. Holding the mentality of improving the product, Chen Shaojun will make several kinds of alternative materials insoles, personally try, and finally choose to use new technology polyether material as the raw material of new products.

it is understood that the polyether material non-toxic and non corrosive, non flammable and explosive materials, currently only Nike, Adidas and other international well-known sports brand will be used in the production of polyether insoles, domestic shoes, shoes in Cambridge is the first home.

for this 4D intelligent foot care insole, Chen Shaojun very optimistic about its prospects in the domestic market, "for active children, a smelly, non deformed insole is very attractive."."
memory slow rebound function, bring feet the most comfortable experience
at the 2016 autumn and winter ordering meeting in Cambridge, agents embark on an experience area with 4D intelligent foot care insoles and ordinary insoles, which are not immediately attracted by the soft and comfortable touch of the former. They say that the most prominent advantage of this insole is comfort. 4D intelligent foot care insole has a slow rebound memory function, with the passage of time, insoles can be found in the running with the foot and remember the most comfortable angle, to achieve personal customized 4D experience. in the design, 4D intelligent foot care insoles using three-dimensional structure design, and set up a number of protruding massage points. In the process of walking, these massage points can correspond with the key parts of the foot skeleton structure of children, and the wearer can enjoy comfortable foot press during walking

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